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HELP!! I bought the 60 orbs offer 2 times i didnt get the orbs but you took my money. I dont want the orbs no more u just my four bucks back please!!.


I dislike that it is a time game and the fighting not that great. It's also a too simple game,but ok


Great concept of the game. But you had to ruin it by muffing the crafting system? Like what's the point of learning to play a game if the only way to do it is by googling all the fetching recipes not worth it I'd rather play a stupid tap the screen game and waste my time actually playing the game than trying to figure out a recipe only to get it wrong 30 times in a span of an hour and a half sometimes doing the same wrong recipe twice because I forgot I had already tried that recipe and it was a failure. Now all my resources are gone and I'm an hour completely wasted with zero to show for it. Now out of the fury of my very being I am writing this to show just how upset I am at my pile of "garbage". So just like your stupid in game quote. Thanks you've now learned how to make garbage. Except in your case it's a garbage game in my case it's a fecking sword. F this game

Great Game

I'll be the first to say this is a great medieval bit style build-a-company type game. The only time you receive ads are when you want to see them for free items, which is reasonable. The only thing I say could be better is the in-game chat, but besides that it's overall just a really good game.

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